The Pink Regalia Story

Stephany Smathers

Owner & CMF


  • Stephany, our fearless leader, was lead to a mastectomy boutique in Nashville, TN where she immediately felt God’s presence, this was the first time she had witnessed such a welcoming environment for women to simply be women. 

  • She began to learn more about how to provided for women’s needs after breast cancer surgeries. 

  • Her mission/ministry began.


  • PR's mission is to provide a space for women to feel safe, comfortable, and acknowledged after having life-altering surgery. 

  • Every individual has been God lead, Stephany began meeting with nurse navigators, oncology practices, surgeons – anyone who would take their time and listen to her idea for a business.

  • She gathered information about what her home community, Haywood County, needed, creating a ministry that would bring women together.


  • Pink Regalia won 2nd place in a business competition sponsored by the local community college.

  • The first boutique was small – 1000 sq. ft., but a good start near the hospital.

  • “Despise not small beginnings”  - Zechariah 4:10  

  • Stephany worked at the boutique from 10am - 4pm, then working at restaurants in the evening to pay her bills for the first 3 years.


  • As PR began to grow, Stephany visited multiple support groups and events and engaged in any opportunity that let her tell the PR mission.


  • Clientele became more diversified: general bra fitting suggestions, non-pocketed bras, hard to find sizes, and nursing bras were now offered.


  • Business was expanding and PR was running out of space.

  • God opened the door to a contract with the largest hospital system in the region to service their mastectomy patients.

  • A new location was opened in downtown Waynesville, the historic main street area.

  • PR now offered product additions, sleepwear, body and skin lines.

Be beautiful


  • N. Main Street was growing. Many great things were happening as well as some scary. Two new mastectomy boutiques opened nearby. God had told Stephany that He had created this for her & she trusted Him. Both boutiques are closed today.


  • PR began to offer new technology/products to their clients.

  • Stephany opened her second location in Asheville, North Carolina – her largest undertaking yet.

  • Although some of the times were tumultuous, this lead to the true defining of what Pink Regalia is & what it would be in the future.

  • PR's goal was no longer just reaching regional women, but that there was a global need, women needed what PR offered and couldn't get the products or services in their areas. 

  • She knew her dream was expanding to fit God’s plan for her. 


  • The N. Main, Wayneville location continued to expand and it was time to find a larger facility.


  • Her dream location became open in Hazelwood.  She had looked at the space before and loved it! It was the perfect size, there was ample parking, and provided a much more private shopping experience. God's perfect timing allowed PR move as one lease ended and this one became available.

  • Business boomed and PR's clientele continued to grow.


  • It was time to provide an online outreach in order to achieve Stephany's dream to reach women across the globe.

  • PR has been newly branded with a custom logo and all new brochure.

  • PR's goal is to create a website that

    • Inform women of their many choices after breast surgery

    • Provides fitting services

    • Online chatting with Stephany or one of her fitters

    • Tools to assist clients in filing their insurance claims

    • Offers HIPAA compliant conferencing & appointments

  • Pink Regalia is the region’s Best in Class boutique for post breast surgery and bra fittings.
  • Mobile Pink Regalia Clinics are now available to medical practices, support groups, and gatherings of friends. 
  • Stephany's ministry has grown far beyond her dream but is just starting to catch up with God’s plan.


  • Introduced two new beautiful product lines: Ana Ono and Prairie Wear


  • Fit Stops Expansion: Burkes Pharmacy & Hope Life Lymphedema Clinic in Hilton Head, SC

  • Three Certified Mastectomy Fitters CMF – on staff

  • Pink Regalia 10 Year Anniversary!!  Wow!

  • Introducing PR Discovery Boxes


485 Hendersonville Rd. Suite 3
Asheville, NC 28803

828.785.1881 ph   |   828.785.1882 fax

452 Hazelwood Ave.
Waynesville, NC 28786

828.454.1004 ph   |   828.454.1003 fax

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