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Pink Sugar

Thank you for caring for our sisters.

With all the changes the last few years have brought about in the healthcare realm. We want to make sure you're up to date on ordering, resources and what we can do to help better the outcomes for our mutual clients. We love partnering with healthcare providers in any way that is beneficial! 

Doctor and patient

Who does Pink Regalia help?

We are here to help patients diagnosed with breast cancer whether undergoing a partial or full mastectomy, radiation or chemotherapy.


Pink Regalia provides post operative garments including compression bras and drain management for post partial or full mastectomies as well as breast prosthetics, bras, swimwear and other pocketed clothing. 

We carry a full line of wigs, turbans and hats for those dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy. 

We have lines of skincare products to deal with the complications that can come with skin sensitivities due to radiation and chemotherapy.



The best way to refer to us is whatever works best for your patient. You may give them a written order for products (see our sample order here), you may also fax it to us at 828-785-1882 or efax to 828-633-5390.    

Average eligibility is as follows: 

4 bras every 3 months

1 Silicone form per side every 12 months

1 Non-silicone form per side every 6 months

2 Integrated forms and bras every 6 months

2 Nipple prosthesis every 6 months 

*Orders must have accompanying office notes that specify ongoing need- patient uses pocketed garments and form, patient has had partial mastectomy, etc.*

We're here for you

We're here to support you and your patients to have the best outcomes!  We love doing in-services to show new products that you may not know are available to your patients. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way. (HIPAA Compliant Text/Call (828) 785-1881 or email

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