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Stylish enough for a special occasion or simple and classy for every-day the Clara Art Comfort Bra from Anita is Modern, relaxed, and bursting with feminine charm.

  • Light and airy décolleté and gentle lines, it flatters the feminine figure.
  • The deep semi-transparent décolleté panel that connects both cups creates a modern triangle look.
  • Subtle functional details ensure the comfort that is characteristic of the Clara series.
  • The three-part cups and the shaped side panels, which extend elegantly into the straps, provide comfortable support.

Material Functional microfibre fabric

Cups Molding made of micro ware * two-layered in larger size range

Straps diagonally stabilised pads

Back # lateral inforcement

Anita Clara Art 4753X

SKU: 4058509454134
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