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Effective. Versatile.

The Juzo Compression Arm Wrap offers high working pressure (30-60 mmHg) in a versatile garment that features a reversible design, inner liner to help with donning, easy pull tabs, minimal overlying straps and special notches that resist gapping and bulk. The Juzo Arm Wrap can be worn in conjunction with the Juzo Compression Hand Wrap to aid in the treatment of lymphedema.       



  • Models: 6000
  • Styles: Arm Wraps
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Lengths: Regular, Long
  • Compressions: High Working Pressure



  • Special notches and minimal overlying straps resist gapping and bulk
  • Reversible color, like getting two wraps in one
  • Can be worn with left or right arm
  • Short stretch for high working pressure
  • Pull tab aid for hassle free application



  • Mild to severe Lymphedema
  • Mild to severe Lipedema


Juzo Compression Wrap -Arm

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