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Comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly Motif’s new reusable nursing pads soak up any excess liquid from your breasts and feature a waterproof back that protects your clothing. In addition, our breast pads feature a Countered Cone Design that is shaped perfectly for your nipples and fits discreetly in a nursing bra. The organic nursing pads multipack includes seven sets (14 Pads) plus a Laundry Bag-Enough to last you for a week! Soft, simple to wash, and easy to use, the Motif reusable nursing pads are a must-have for nursing moms.


Additional Details:

  • Bamboo backed with a waterproof layer to prevent leakages
  • Material: C3NPA(3-layer bowl)
  • Bamboo material + polyester material + PUL waterproof cloth
  • To wash, simply put it in the laundry bag

Motif Reusable Nursing Pads

SKU: 810024430642
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