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Back to School: Bras 101

I haven't written a blog post in much too long and I thought with School starting soon, I'd use that theme so here we go:

Tips and tricks for knowing when it's time to replace your bra:

  1. If you're bra is older than 1 year and you've worn it regularly- it's time to replace it. Why? Bras stretch and shape to our bodies over time. Which is a good thing...until it's not. A new bra has shape and some rigidity to it (even if slight) to help give support and a desired shape to your breast tissue. A new bra feels snug, secure and supportive. An older bra can no longer give the support and shape needed when it has stretched. In let's us down (see what I did there). An older bra also tends to have straps that slip, bands that right up and cups that no longer have an ideal shape. You may notice that it "just doesn't feel as comfortable" as it once did.

  2. If your straps are sliding off your shoulders, won't stay put no matter how many times you adjust them- time for a new bra and potentially time for a new style that fits your shape better.

  3. The band of your bra is uncomfortable- It's too tight, rides up your back, slides back and forth, etc. If this is happening- come see us!

  4. You notice gapping in the cup, sagging of the fabrics or lace is frayed and edges are pilling. Time for a refresh!

  5. If you're wearing a pocketed bra and you notice that your breast form is moving around in the pocket when you're wearing it; the bra band isn't supporting the breast form/breast tissue leaving the straps to carry the weight and dig into your shoulders-It could be time to replace the bra and/or the form. Give us a call. :)

Fun facts and general tips for bra fit:

  1. Red disappears under white just like nude! Shocking, I know- thought I'd start with that :).

  2. Straps that dig usually mean a bra band isn't doing its job (I would be willing to bet if your bra straps dig, the band is also riding up your back some). A band should fit snugly, not uncomfortably tight but snug enough to support your breast tissue or breast forms and not move around on your body. Most often, a snug band feels more comfortable instead of constantly having to adjust something even though when you first put it on you "know it's there;" give it a little time to form to you.

  3. Rotate your bras. If you have a Bra Wardrobe, you can rotate styles in and out getting more wear and longevity out of all of them. We recommend having at least 3 bras at any given time: one in the wash, one that's resting and one that you're wearing. We also suggest adding other styles than just your everyday style to your wardrobe so that you're ready for a special event, special evening, vacation and of course, we can't forget lucky underwear for days when we need a pick me up!

  4. We really do mean it when we suggest hand washing using a gently soap like Soak that we sell in store. It makes a world of difference in the longevity of your bra investment, comfort and the overall look of your bras. We promise!

  5. Sometimes the fit of a bra isn't about the size you're choosing but more about the style and shape. A t-shirt bra looks great under certain things but if the cup is always gapping then maybe a different cup shape or style would work best.

  6. Seamed bras will always give more support (sorry), especially in a non-underwire bra. The seams and structure of the bra are giving all the support. One or two exceptions are out there (hint: Evelyn and Bobbie Defy or Evelyn bras) BECAUSE of the fabric they're made of. Yay for bra technology!

  7. In the end, your comfort is important and we're more than happy to help you achieve your desired look and feel :). Just be sure to ask us for a fit check the next time you're in the store or schedule one of our virtual appointments! It's like having us right there with you.

Ok, I think that's enough for today's lesson :). In case you skipped to the bottom here's the Cliff Notes version: We're here for you! Ask us for a fit check when you're in store or schedule a virtual fitting appointment. We have years of experience with fitting and finding the right bras for our ladies and are always excited to learn about your needs and find the perfect fit!

Here's a little coupon code that's valid online or in store (for items not billed to insurance) for 20% off to help with your back to school shopping!

Use code: SCHOOL20

Don't worry, there's not a test!

I hope this was helpful and The PR Girls and I can't wait to see you soon!

Happy Back to School Season!


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