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This month...this year...and every day.

I just realized today that I haven't written a blog post all year. I feel bad about that because I love sharing joy with you any way that I can. You, our family of clients, bring us joy in so many ways every single day. Without you, we wouldn't be here (period). You allow us to serve you, your friends, family and for that we'll never be able to say "thank you" enough.

This year, we've added a support group (the second Tuesday of the month) at our Asheville location after many of you asked about having this resource. We have enjoyed so many wonderful connections in this community and I encourage you to come visit if you can, you never know who you might inspire.

We also went through the many changes in healthcare, health insurance/coverage shifts. These updates happen on a yearly basis, but it seems like the changes this year have been greater. We always try our best to lower your out-of-pocket costs and work with your insurance company as closely as possible. You may not know but we also have donated bras, breast forms and wigs available at no cost to you. Some of these items are gently used and some are new. We love being able to pass these along to you.

You keep us going and we are eternally grateful for every single order you call in, place online, send via email and place in store.

If we can ever do more or do something better, we sincerely hope you will let us know. We are here to serve.

We are offering free shipping through the end of the year so you can take advantage of your benefits without having to stop by the store during this busy season. Please remember that we're here for you always and we're very much interested in your well-being sister.

Hugs from this humbled owner,


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