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We're famous!

Did you see our Spotlight Carolina on WLOS Monday? Crystal and I were given the opportunity to tell a little about what we do. It was fun and exciting (insert girly giggling here). We hope that you can look past our nervousness; get a glimpse of what we are and who we serve in a 3 minute snapshot AND that you share it so others can see too. We're trying to spread the word that we are here, open, and ready to help!

We continue to have some stocking issues with backordered products from our vendors but for the most part we are well-stocked and have the biggest selection around.

We may not have physical locations all over the US, but we can still serve the ladies of the US via shipping and online appointments. So, please share our story as you see fit. You keep us going and we LOVE that you force us to grow/change and live out the bigger vision God has intended for us all along!

You bless us everyday! Thank you for allowing us to serve you!



If you missed our Spotlight Carolina and if you want to share it- Here's the link:

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