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Compression is your friend.

Let's talk about leg health:

One little change can make all the difference in how you feel and possibly the appearance of your legs (think varicose veins).

I recently helped my grandmother with some compression socks because she had surgery and then a fall that has slowed her recovery. Her physician recommended compression to help with fluid retention and to help her heal. But, compression has a multitude of benefits and can be worn by most anyone.

If you're on your feet all day, flying often or riding in the car for long trips you should be wearing compression socks. Trust me, you'll be glad you started this habit now. Wearing compression is so good for your veins, skin and tired muscles. It's a wearable support system that helps keep fluids moving along as they should but don't always do as we age or if systems are overworked.

Think about that puffy appearance your feet and legs can have after a long flight. If you were wearing compression that would be diminished, or they might not swell at all.

Or, maybe your feet and legs are tired or tingly after being on your feet at work at all day. Compression is an easy, inexpensive fix!

I wear compression socks to work many days and definitely during and after a run or if I'm going on a long hike. My feet and legs feel better so my performance is better and my recovery is much faster.

So- now that we've decided to wear compression because, "why not?" what level of compression should we gravitate towards and aren't compression socks all ugly and medical looking?

I suggest starting with 15-20mmhg if you have a hard time putting on socks or reaching your feet. If not, start with 20-30mmhg this will give you the most benefits. And, NOPE, there are some really cute socks and leggings out there now. We carry 2 brands of fun compression socks. Medi's Rejuva line and Vim & Vigr. Stop by today and let us help you find the right pair for your lifestyle.



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