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Here's to 2021!

Hello Pink Regalia family! I haven't written in many moons. I know we keep hearing it and repeating it to family and friends: "this year has been crazy, unprecedented, unbelievably stressful..." so on and so forth. 2020 has taught us that we need to remain adaptable and ready to change at a moment's notice. At Pink Regalia, our family came together to support and encourage us like we've never experienced. From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU! I am so humbled by your support and willingness to work with us during shortened hours, our new venture into tele-health, short-staffed days and inability to get certain stock items in a timely manner.

As we look forward to the new year we're hopeful and excited. We are still following safety protocols in store to help keep us all healthy. We do welcome appointments for in store fittings. We're also happy to ship you one of our Discovery Boxes so that you may try on products in the comfort of your home. We are still offering curbside pickup as well as shipping.

So, here's to a healthy, prosperous, and

happy 2021!

We love you, our Pink Regalia family, and we can't wait to see you or hear from you very soon!

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