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Shopping with Insurance

Corvid-19 doesn't keep women from needing post-mastectomy products. We will file an insurance claim for anyone needing product. (Anywhere in the US-really!)

So, we have created a coupon code receive your items at 99% OFF!

(We will file your insurance for the original cost your items but you don't have to pay upfront for them. You would only be responsible if your insurance didn't cover the items.)

How to use the code to shop online:

1. Add the post-mastectomy items you'd like us to bill for to your cart.

2. At checkout enter the code: INSURANCE

3. Complete the Client Information Form on our website.

Done! We will gollow up with you if we need any further info to process your order. Otherwise, your products will be shipped for FREE to you ASAP.

You don't have to be one of our established clients to utilize this service. You don't even have to be in NC! We can file for anyone:).

We are happy to help during these uncertain times- so, if you know of anyone that needs product please share! It helps us to be able to continue serving our amazing ladies!

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